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"Critters of the Crags"    Ibex from Asia
​"Critters of the Crags" & "Critter of the Crags"

Since 1988, Frank has made many hunting trips Mongolia for ibex, sheep and birds. From his first trip he was first inspired to sculpt the High Altay Argali [Ammon Ammon] which is the largest sheep of the world. He continued to travel to Mongolia for hunting birds then several trips huning ibex. During one of his trips while hunting ibex, he decided to bring the entire skeleton home for reference in his work. He painstaking kept the leg bones and rib case together by scraping any remaining flesh after deboning.  He kept most bones intact with tendons. He decided to cut out a miniature skeleton one-fifth the size of life-size wiring the joints of the legs together. The miniature skeleton could be positioned into any position he desired. From there, he sculpted the muscles onto the skeleton.  He found this technique absolutely accurate as he worked all the muscling making the ibex piece one of the easiest sculptures to produce. The accuracy & knowledge of the animal's anatomy gave way to his double ibex on the huge rock base. April 2008, "Critters of the Crags" went to the foundry for casting. The completed piece came out July 2008. This is his largest piece thus far. Frank is offering the piece in either the colored patina or gold earth tones. "Critter of the Crags" size with walnut baseis  40" tall by 20" wide by 14 1/2 deep. ​ Weighs a little over 100 pounds.

 Edition size: 26     Sells for $12,500  

Gold Tones
Colored Patina
Original in wax
Original in wax
​"Critter of the Crags"
Edition 36​

With all the work gone into this piece, Frank decided to make a smaller more affordable piece with only one of the ibex from the above piece. He reworked the rock base to prepare for the foundry work. Frank puts a great deal of time into the bases of his sculptures. I enjoys picking up something from nature to work into the base. This particular base, he used some little tiny pieces of shale rock to work into the rugged terrain of an ibex.

This piece measures 35" tall by 14" wide by 12" deep.

Edition size: 36   Sells for $6500