Frank Entsminger
Bronze Art 
36 Edition w/”Full Tilt” 

“Airborne” & “Land ‘n Snap” [can be sold as a set, but not separately] wolf set designed to accompany “Spooked” or “Full Tilt.”    
The set of wolves with “Full Tilt” is a 36 edition. The set for “Spooked” is a 26 edition with the M behind 26 to indicate the moose set, 26M. “Airborne” title came to Frank from a method of taking wolves for a predator control measure. This method was used by the federal government before Alaska was a state. Then later used by the state.  These measures are important to sound wildlife management. the method is shooting from an airplane. This is an effective means of harvesting when necessary. Harvesting wolves is very important to keeping a balance in wildlife populations for healthy populations of both. This piece is dedicated to sound wildlife management and the truth about predators without sensational emotionalism and untruths.  Wildlife managers keep careful watch over populations.

Issue date: 2006. Size: 10" long, 12" high, 7" wide. Wolf set [sold only as a set] $2500.

Frank Entsminger HC 72 Box 800, Tok Alaska 99780
Phone (907)883-2833 or 2830 
Buff Coloring
Natural Coloring
"Land 'n Snap"