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"Altay Argali" 
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"Altay Argali" depicts a Mongolian High Altay Argali sheep [Ovis ammon ammon] in a winter scene. 1988, Frank had the greatest opportunity of a lifetime to accompany a friend who hunted this magnificent animal in Mongolia. Frank went along as observer, taxidermist and photographer. Frank gained first hand knowledge of a species he would never had the chance. Frank was mesmerized by the largest wild sheep of the world. He acquired great photos of the sheep while there. Since then Frank has spent many trips traveling to Mongolia.  Frank became more acquainted with the Mongolians as years passed. Recognizing Frank's talent, the Mongolians requested he sculpt the big ram of Asia. Frank's admiration of Argali sheep & the Mongolians inspired Frank for this piece. 

This is Frank's 2nd largest piece, which measures 24" L X 20" H X 10" W weighing over 45 pounds is mounted on a 2-tiered walnut panel with a Lazy Susan. The piece can be either in traditional bronze tone [earth tone patina] or in a natural eath tone colored patina.

Issue Date: 2004.  The current price for this piece is $5300.00

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