Frank Entsminger
Bronze Art
Frank Entsminger HC 72 Box 800, Tok Alaska 99780

Phone (907)632-5315 Home (907)883-2833 
2016 Show Information

​2016 Wild Sheep Foundation - January 21-23 in Reno, NV

2016 Alaska Chapter Safari Club International February 26-27, Anchorage, Alaska​  Phone: 907-980-9018​ 

2016 Eastern Chapter Wild Sheep Foundation - February 19-21, in Lancaster, PA       Phone: 717-435-8023  [tentatively scheduled-may not go]
Shows, Galleries & Awards
Gallery placements

Frank's Studio at Mile 91 Tok Cutoff, Tok Alaska  
(907)632-5315 Home: (907)883-2833

Venue Gallery, Fairbanks, Alaska, Isaiah Mangun, owner
514 Avenue, Fairbanks, Alaska  907-374-3044

Alaska Wildlife & Art Taxidermy, North Pole, Alaska, Charlie Livingston, owner (907)488-9307

All Alaska Gifts in Tok, Alaska [summer only], Bronk Jorgensen

2008 Wild Sheep Foundation G. C. F. Dalziel Outstanding Guide of the year Award to Frank Entsminger

2013 Alaska Lifestyle Award to Frank & Sue Entsminger
Alaska Outdoor Council

2014 Governor’s Conservationist of the Year Award to Frank & Sue Entsminger, Governor of Alaska, Shawn Parnell